Well this week has been an awesome week for me shopping wise! I got some great deals! I'm not sure if any one reads this or not but I enjoy writing about what I bought and saved because it helps me stay accountable to the budget that I set for myself. I have gotten down to about $50 a week or less that I spend at the store and I tell you that my cabinets are more stocked than ever!
 I have never been one that loved or even liked to shop but learning how to coupon has been an awesome thing for me! Some of you may or may not know my background but I have been a mother since I was 15 years old and been married since I was 19. I had to grow up taking care of my children and learn how to be an adult at the same time. It was not an easy thing to do and I was never taught how to manage money! My husband and I did ok because he was in charge of the finances, but he was laid off 2 years ago and has not been able to find decent work since and I was laid off in Feb. My daughter will graduate high school next year and I find myself not sleeping because I am worried about how we are going to pay the bills, feed the kids and afford everything that she will need for school. So this brings me back to couponing! I can now buy things we need and "stockpile" so that we don't run out and put up anything that is not spent for the week that is under my $50 budget. I know that I am writing a book here but I just thought i would give you a sense of how I feel when I save money and get above and beyond what we need! I can fully pay for her class ring with what I have saved from couponing!
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