Saving Secret's Basics!


1. BEST DEALS ARE B1G1s or sale items: You do not have to buy 2 of the B1G1 items to get the sale price.
Items ring up 1/2 and 1/2 (Fairhope and Orange Beach).
Publix stores in Florida are different. B1G1s ring up full price and $0–so you must buy 2 items.

2. COMPETITOR COUPONS: Publix in Fairhope and Orange Beach accept competitor coupons(Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, local grocery stores including Bruno’s, Winn Dixie).
Fairhope will also accept Dollar General coupons(NO Family Dollar). 

3. STACKING:You can use ONE PUBLIX/or competitor coupon and ONE manufacturer coupon per ONE item. So, a max of TWO coupons(one manufacturer and one store coupon) per item. This is called stacking.

4. NO DOUBLING COUPONS: Orange Beach and Fairhope Publix locations do NOT double manufacturer coupons. Some Publix stores do double coupons that are .50¢ or less.

5. DRUGSTORE COMPETITOR COUPONS: Fairhope and Orange Beach locations will accept drugstore coupons as competitors(CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid).  These coupons must be actual cents or dollars off of a product. No price matching “coupon”. 
Walgreen’s Rebate Rewards, which are manufacturer coupons printed at the register are also accepted. You can use these to pay! One per retailer in Orange Beach. Unlimited Register Rewards allowed in Fairhope.
Fairhope DOES NOT accept Walgreen’s copied flyer coupons or Rite Aid Video Value coupons.    They will accept Walgreen’s monthly booklet coupons but they will need to be the original coupons and not copies.
6. USING $/$ OFF COUPONS:(Spend $30, Get $5 off). Only allowed to use one $/$ at the Fairhope store. The Orange Beach Publix store will accept ONE $/$ coupon from local drug stores/local grocery store AND one from Publix. Remember always hand these coupons to the cashier first and then your other coupons.
7. FINDING PUBLIX COUPONS: Publix coupon books are usually located in the front of the store or at the customer service counter. You can register for Publix clubs and programs here.
8. RAINCHECKS: If Publix is OUT of an item ask for a rain check. Expires in 30 days.
9. QUANTITY LIMITS: 4 B1G1 deals or 8 total items.  This is to prevent shelf clearing.

The best deals are B1G1 and you do NOT have to buy 2 to get the price break! Use a MQ and a SQ and the item rings up real cheap.

Publix also takes Walgreen's register rewards. You get those by buying certain items from Walgreen's. (Check the ads). You may use 1 $/$$ coupon from RiteAid (Give that to cashier once all items been rang up before any-other Qs) and as many RR's you have from Walgreen's (give theses to cashier last, after all other Q's). Each item you have in your basket may have 1 MQ and 1 Sq!!
Cheerios B1G1 rings up
1 @ $2.04 each
1 MQ $1.00/1
1 SQ    $0.55/1
Equals $0.49 for 1 box of Cheerios! Cheap Huh???

The main thing I had to learn was to MAKE A LIST and STICK TO IT!!!!

I have always just went into the store and bought whatever, but that is not possible anymore!

Publix ads come in Wed. Press Register and run thru the following Tues.  It takes planning and patients to get this together! I will be happy to help whoever needs it! I almost fainted when my total was only $0.85 before tax!!!