I believe I started a week or so before this but I have misplaced those receipts, so I am going to use this week as my couponing start date until I locate them. So what did I buy this week and how much did I save? Here we go! I will not be posting Q matchups with these because the sales are over, but will be putting a total of Qs used.
Family Dollar- 4/12
Used $11 MQ
Total $ 2.5
Saved $10.00

WalGreens 4/12
2 Transactions
Total $2.99
Got back $3 RR

Used $3 RR
Total $1.28
Saved $3.80

Rite Aid 4/13
Total $16.51
Used free $25 GC
Saved $6.79
(money maker)

Publix 4/14
Total $24.82
SQ used $15.00
Mq used $23.40
Special price savings $51.17
Saved $89.57

Target 4/14
Total $13.89
Saved $31.27

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    This page will be used to post my weekly totals and savings. I am using this page to track what I spend vs. what I save. Let's see how much we can save throughout the year!!


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