I took my weekly trip to publix yesterday and got a lot of groceries for only $42.95 after tax! There were some great buys this week! I am so excited because I am finally able to buy afordable groceries and health/beauty supplies for my family that are quality products! No longer do I have to buy the store brand or only what is on clearance! I can now purchase the name brands that I enjoy, often for less than the generic brand all by using coupons and shopping sale items! I LOVE PUBLIX!! Not just because of the sale items but because of how nice and helpful their employees are! The store is clean and they will even take your groceries out for you and unload your buggy! I love the fact that the employees make you feel like they want you in their store and not not you HAVE to be there! I have NOT been back to walmart but 1 time since I have started couponing. The only time I went in was to buy the AllYou magazine because it has great coupons and is only sold at walmart. Even though it takes me a little while to get to Publix I would still rather go there then to a store that does not appreciate my business! I also have learned to make lists and stick with what I am going to purchase. I actually enjoy grocery shopping now instead of it feeling like a chore. I go while the kids are in school and I have that time to use as just "ME" time! I hope that you will become to love the ast of couponing that I have!!!

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