Whew! What a few days of shopping!!!
Totals for the week!!!!! All together from each store combined!
Total before Coupons and tax: $298.28
Total after:                                       $68.41
Saved:                                           $229.87 or 77%
I went a little over budget this week but had some left from last week!

  First let's start with Walgreen's! This is going to seem a little crazy but, I had tons of Q's and I couldn't pass up the deals! Walgreen's gives Register Rewards when you buy certain products then you use that to pay for your next purchase and you can "roll" the rewards from one product to the next! I had a blast over the last 2 days making deals and stocking up on Razors and toothbrushes! Overall I think I scored 15 toothbrushes, 3 cans of shaving cream (only one pictured), 3 Snuggle and 5 packs of razors. I did this using Register Rewards and separate transactions! Total out of pocket for all transactions was less than $20.00!!!! See pics!
I went to target on my way to Publix on Wed. I spent $17 out of pocket after tax and saved $31.00!
I had several good coupons!
$5/1 Magic Sprayer Scrubbing bubbles 
Free refill WYB Starter kit
Free Fresh Brush Toilet cleaner WYB Toilet Gel Stick
2 $2/1 GE lights MQ and 2 $1/1 GE Target Q (makes these free)
2 $1.50/1 Right Guard (Clearance for $1.67) $0.17 each!
BOGO free Velveeta cups, Diet cokes
2 $1/1 Fruit chillers!
And there is a $5 Mail in Rebate WYB 3 scrubbing bubbles! Not bad for a days work!

OK I am not going into all the details on my Publix trip because it would take me ALL NIGHT!!! But I will say that if you stick to the BOGO's and what's on sale and only buy what you have a COUPON for and what's on sale you will do GREAT!!! I NEVER pay more that $1 for a box of cereal!!! And if I only have 1 coupon for a BOGO I only get one of the 2, because Publix will cut the price in half if you only get one. Which also means that you can use 2 MQ for each BOGO and 2 store Q for a total of 4 coupons on 2 products!
This trip was a good one!
Total before Q's and sale price $114.30
Total after $24.82 before tax
Savings $89.57
That's 78%!!!!!

I'm not going to go into to much that has to do with Rite Aid. I'm not a big fan of the store, however, I did transfer a prescription just so I could get a $25 gift card. So after coupons and paying for what I needed I made a $17 proffit. I will be transferring back to Food World next month. That is how much I dislike the store!
04/18/2010 10:46pm

It looks like you got alot for very little!! Great Job!

04/21/2010 10:59pm

Wow! Awesome savings. =) Congrats! And thanks for sharing and linking up!

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